Terrace House: Boys x Girls Next Door Season 1-8 Complete NF WEB-DL 1080p

BxGND all 2

Terrace House: Boys x Girls Next Door is a Japanese reality television series and the first installment of the Terrace House franchise. It follows three men and three women as they temporarily live together in a modernistic house with a terrace located in the Shōnan area of Japan.

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Total file size: 96.6 Gb


17 thoughts on “Terrace House: Boys x Girls Next Door Season 1-8 Complete NF WEB-DL 1080p

  1. I downloaded the files and converted them as well, but Japanese subtitles are only available. Are these the only subtitles?


      1. I tried changing it, but there is no option to do so. It says no subtitles. I’m using the Quick Time Player. Should I try something else? I converted the files from mkv files to mp4 files, though.


  2. Hi there and thank you so much for all the work in subbing and uploading the files. I’m still downloading them now, and noticed that there are 3 episodes missing from the files: Season 1 Week 13 Overall, Season 3 Week 26, and Season 5 Week 62.

    Are you able to add those files in or link to where we can find them? Or perhaps they were omitted for a reason (e.g. they were not relevant episodes perhaps)?

    For example, I did read up on the unofficial episode wiki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrace_House:_Boys_%C3%97_Girls_Next_Door) that Week 13 was a special episode with commentator You discussing the first 12 episodes, Week 26 was a partial episode and introduces the 4 other commentators, and Week 62 was another special epsiode with the commentators talking. So perhaps because these 3 episodes contained a lot of commentator discussion, so perhaps that’s why they were omitted?



  3. This is great! Thanks so much. One note for anyone getting this–the video and subtitle file names for season four are all listed as episode 01, so you’ll have to change those manually. You can see the sequence by looking at the week number in the names.

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  4. For some reason my VLC is freezing always on the same spots. The first few episodes are ok but for example Terrace.House.Boys.x.Girls.Next.Door.S04E01.Week39.2012.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.AAC-IRENEBRO.mkv freezes at 5:42. Do you know why that is? Thank you for your effort!


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