Closing Door (2015) 480p & 1080p


Synopsis: Finally! This is it. For real this time.  No joke. We’re not frontin’. Feature-length finale of our favorite reality series, starring new and former members.

Enjoy and Bye-bye, Terrace House! ☺️❤️

MKV release by LeDob x TecchanHouse

Torrent | Magnet

Update: For those requesting a better video quality, I’ve now added below the 1080p link someone sent to me and the subtitle from CostcoSub team.

Video | Subs


45 thoughts on “Closing Door (2015) 480p & 1080p

  1. Thank you so much for all of the Terrace House episodes you posted online for us fans! This is just icing on the cake and thank you for posting this. It’s greatly appreciated and I feel lucky that I was able to see the original Terrace House. We don’t deserve your kindness.

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  2. Thank you so much for this! Once again you win the Internet. My Boys x Girls Next Door adventure is now complete. Loving the new season too! Thanks again, from Canada!

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  3. does anyone know where i can download terrace house boys and girls in the city? I’ve seen it on netflix but i also like to have it downloaded to my harddisk.


  4. tecchanhouse thankyou so much ! ❤ finally after seeing the whole 98 episodes and the film I have to really feel for Tecchan at the end. I cant imagine hanging on that long only to get the final rejection. That was brutal. In some ways he would have been wiser to end it before the film. Both Yosuke ( rip ) and Tecchan had that one final blow to deal with. Some of the best rejections in history though. Anybody keep count of rejection vS succes ??
    Domo Arrigato Goziemasu … e tiki masu !

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  5. Thank you very much, Tecchanhouse and LeDob! It took me a long time to watch the film because I already knew that Tecchan would be rejected yet again from reading the comments here. I am glad, though, that I watched it before the allegation (most probably untrue) against Tecchan came out. All the agonies that our hero have had to endure and are still enduring would be enough to kill an ordinary person. Gambatte kudasai, Tecchan!

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  6. I finally finished this series, thanks to Tecchanhouse! And I gotta say, it’s no wonder Japan is having a population problem. How many people got laid in the two years this show was on? Two? Crazy!

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