16 thoughts on “Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door – Week 97

  1. I’m so sad it’s finally ending, but alas we have the new one airing right now on Netflix. I kinda miss the Boys & Girls in the City and Aloha State theme song though.

    Ready for this movie too I guess.

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  2. Feeling a bit bittersweet now that this is coming to an end. Thank you so much though for your efforts to providing this to us, of which I think is still the best season(s) of TH.

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  3. Thank you so much for all the uploads! I don’t know where I’ve been since I’ve found you! Will you be uploading the Closing Door movie aswell? Would love to watch that before I get onto watching the Netflix series 🙂

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  4. Now that things are getting crazier and crazier on Opening New Doors, Daiki Itoh should go to Karuizawa to fetch Seina, pronto! He should bring a bottle of wine, engraved with whatever is appropriate (‘I’m very sorry,” “Let me be ur last love,” “Will you marry me?”), so we can all get the perfect trendy ending. If and when that reunion episode happens, I’m sure tecchanhouse and LeDob will make every effort so that everyone of us gets to watch it. For all your hard work from the time Oji-san (another hero) left us, thank you very much, tecchanhouse and LeDob!

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  5. I feel sad, I’ve watched all there is to watch on Netflix already! A thousand thank you, it was great to see Tecchan grow so much, I can imagine what it was like for people who watched it every week when it was aired originally…

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  6. this season was by far my favorite of them all. Location and cast have been great to watch and grow. Thanks for your site ! Its been really fun awaiting new episodes. I can join the rest and say please translate the movie !
    It would be interesting to see where they are all at now. Tecchan hasnt made a reappearance on any season.
    It would be interesting to know if Kenkens relationship worked out and if he made Team Japan ? anybody know ?

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