Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door – Week 75


Screenshot_20180604-233225Aaaand we’re back! New season! New episode! New housemates!

MKV release by LeDob x TecchanHouse

Torrent | Magnet

This is me getting envious of LeDob right now. He’s currently having a 3-week vacation in Japan!! 😁

21 thoughts on “Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door – Week 75

  1. Hey!
    Long-time follower here. I really love and appreciate your work!!
    I was wondering if you could upload the raw untexted files for the rest of B&G Next Door? I am dying to binge them, and seeing as I’m currently learning Japanese it would be such a good exercise!


  2. Anybody else noticing how deep Tecchans voice is getting and how less hyperactive he is compared to the first seasons?
    Maimai liked awkward guys, but he isn’t that guy anymore. So he may have made the right choice in the last episode.
    He’s seeming more like a cool and layback smooth type by the day.

    My boy is growing up ='(
    Good for him.

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    1. Yeah he’s definitely not the giggly, super-awkward kid anymore. I feel like part of it is maturity and another part is that he’s been in the house for close to 1.5 years, so maybe he’s a bit jaded now?

      I think Tecchan decided he was incompatible with Mai. She flip-flopped her feelings for him a lot over the smallest things and was uptight. Her family’s influence over her and background was probably intimidating too.


  3. hi, may i know if the subtitles for anyone is working? I clicked on the subtitle button but there seems to be no subtitles 😦


  4. I;m having the same issue as Eunice, watching with the latest VLC for mac, the subtitle option is turned on but the subtitles arent showing up for me. Anyone else?


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