Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door – Week 69


Synopsis: Cringy-fistbumper Masato shows up at Seina’s workplace. jyA-Me asks Yosuke to take her home. And a few days later, the dude Yo-san gets a call from Hana.

MKV release by LeDob x TecchanHouse

Torrent | Magnet

Is it okay if it’d be all Seina, Maimai, or Chie screenshots from here on out? Seina, I think, is in her prettiest, especially in that Jammin’ resto scene; in a t-shirt, ponytail, and no makeup. Trendy kawaiiii!

Ippei is starting to set up a punchline that I’d be able to finally laugh at. 😁 And Yo-san is still rolling high. Schmoood!!

17 thoughts on “Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door – Week 69

      1. The o.g. version of Seina is the most beautiful. The OND Seina looks very, very different cosmetically. That said, all versions have the BEST personality of the bunch. Hands down.

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