Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door – Week 68


Synopsis: It’s the I-need-your-advice festival this week. Yo-san is torn about his feelings towards two women (again). Ippei is moving fast and furious.

MKV release by LeDob x TecchanHouse


I have an announcement to make. And this might be the most ambitious crossover event ever. since the Avengers: Infinity War haha. So LeDob and I have teamed up to release BxGND episodes, starting on this one. Yep, LeDob was the French guy I was talking about last time. hehe. So from now on, less redundant releases on nyaa and better video quality. All this for the love of everything Terrace House.

P.S. I don’t know if it’s just me but I always cringe at how Ma-kun is doing that fistbump thing. It looks out of rhythm and lacks conviction.

15 thoughts on “Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door – Week 68

  1. Man, I’m not going to watch for 30 episodes just so I can binge them all to the end. What a great series this has been.

    And yeah, integrated subs is awesome.

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    1. Terrace House is my nightly fix. I’ve watched up until ep. 50… waiting until we hit 70 to start watching again. In the meantime, I’m watching Love Wagon, which is pretty good, but not nearly as great.


      1. I watch Love Wagon man, the production is just so annoying. I guess it is typical Japan TV, but it’s hard for a westerner to watch. Plus, the subs keep flipping from top to bottom of screen which makes it very hard to keep up.

        REAL LOVE on the other hand is amazing!! My wife and I fired through all 9 of them in like 3 nights. The hosts are a lot meaner than TH but also funny 🙂

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