Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door – Week 66


Synopsis: So that’s the reason why Seina-san is back at Terrace House. Also, Tetsu and Maimai’s dinner date.

Torrent | Magnet

Maimai is quickly rising up on my BxGND rankings. She’s getting cuter and adorable by the episode. #dimples

The other night, I got the chance to chat with goob of CostcoSubs via discord. Cool guy, easy to talk to, until he sleepzoned me. haha! Seriously, though, we had a good short talk about TH, living in Japan, eikaiwas, and how he’s okay with my releases *ehem*, as long as it’s not ahead of their reddit release.

But he mentioned one stubborn group/individual, going by the name Roze Buddiez, still prematurely posting their patreon pre-releases, and even doing it horribly in terms of both video and subs quality. Goob said they have plans of shutting this Roze Buddiez down once his busy schedule is cleared.

18 thoughts on “Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door – Week 66

  1. Thanks a lot!!!
    It’s very good to know you and CostCo Subs are getting along well, since we depend greatly on both of you guys to get all this until the end of BxGND and Closing Doors
    Ever since I first watched Boys and Girls in the city, I have been looking crazy for this and I still can’t understand why netflix won’t release it worldwide.

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  2. Hi, I’m a new fan of Terrace House and got hooked recently after a friend introduced me and now I’m almost caught up! I just reached the point where Terrible House stopped releases, and it seems that all your releases seem to have some audio issues in the video file? Everything sounds much more muffled and tinny. It’s especially noticeable when there’s music, like in the opening theme. There’s another guy named LeDob who’s also releasing videos and his don’t have this audio issue. I prefer your editing, but the audio issue is kind of a bummer. Could you possibly look into it?

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  3. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but I have to ask… why is the quality of these files so much less than the other site, namely Terrible House? Not trying to bash your efforts, but trying to understand the tech behind it. Thnx


    1. No biggie, Frank! This is my first dab at “capturing” and converting videos. And with the first 5 eps, I was learning the video&audio settings of the converter I use, finding the right balance between quality and file size. Also, what I think is a big factor, the difference between the hardwares Oji and I are using. I’m guessing he uses a Mac, which is way powerful than the smart phone/laptop combo I use 🙂
      Let me know if the audio/video quality of eps.65 and up is good enough.


      1. ep 66 Quality is fine. It’s totally watchable. But still not the same resolution as the other site. I would liken it to 480p vs 1080p. There is slight jittering/strobing but not enough to make it unwatchable like some caps. The file sizes are the same between you guys, so it must be the hardware used. No worries.


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