TH BxGND – Week 56 to 58


To fully embrace this Terrible succession, albeit unofficial, I need to continue where he actually left off but with more caution on sharing “other” content. Believe me, I was supposed to start at week 56 but some French dude beat me to it, so I thought, why bother since there’s already a copy out there. So I just went with 59, complemented it with this website, and the rest is (browser) history, so to speak. However, recently, there’s a massive public clamor (from one, LOL), so why the hell not.

Week 56 – Torrent | Magnet

Week 57 – TorrentMagnet

Week 58 – TorrentMagnet

9 thoughts on “TH BxGND – Week 56 to 58

      1. It would be more safe to just release BGND. OND could be the reason, that terrible isn´t anymore.Because OND is released in the west and i think Netflix doesn´t like that. But with BGND they cannot complain…I hope you understand my concerns 😉

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