[Credits]For The Translation.mkv



Okay, before I upload episode 63 later, tomorrow or Wednesday (the latest), just wanna share something. CostcoSubs — I’m not sure if this guy was legit from THE real CostcoSubs team but anyway — emailed me and asked to not include their team label in the file name of the episodes I upload. Sure, no worries, I shall comply. But I got a mailer-daemon error when I clicked send on my reply email, so I’m not sure what happened there. But I just wanna say that I’m just giving credit where it’s due. But if you inisist, no worries, just confirm you’re the real CostcoSubs that emailed there. Give me a sign, dude! LOL. I don’t know, a wink wink thru this subreddit from u/ukoziak_?

Seriously, though, know that I’m not in any way related or connected to CostcoSubs or any of their team members. But mad, mad props to them for their translation subs releases, until the last BxGND episode. Hajime mashite!

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