TH BaGitC women rankings


While waiting for “upcoming” BxGND episodes, I’d like to fill the in-betweens with random posts like this, any Terrace House related topic, even from the other series. Since ‘Boys and Girls in the City’ is the best IMHO (as of yet because BxGND is not yet “complete”), I wanna share my rankings of the girls:

1. Misaki
2. Nacchan (a very, very close 2nd)
3. Mizuki
4. Martha
5. Minori
6. Momoka
7. Rikopin
8. Arisa
9. Yuriko

What do you think? Share/comment your BaGitC (boys or girls) rankings, as well. Will make another for Aloha State next time.

11 thoughts on “TH BaGitC women rankings

  1. I’m surprised Hana Imai isn’t on your list. She’s my fave.

    I’m not all that impressed with the idea of bringing Seina back, that’s for sure.

    I find it really interesting how different the Japanese ideal of beauty is from the West’s.


    1. Interesting rankings. And all M names are clumped up 🙂 I would’ve put Martha higher than I had, but her short stint in the house did not show her personality/character more.


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